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2024 EXPO IPAT Museum Convention Online Competition

The primary difference between IPAT’s Competition and all other worldwide competitions is that each piece offered for judging is evaluated on its own merit.  This means competitors DO NOT compete with each other.  Score totals determine the ribbon category.  All ribbon winners - Gold, Silver and Bronze - have the opportunity to be featured in the IPAT magazine, newsletter and social media. 

Because almost 90% of our members could not attend the Conventions in person in the past, only a fraction of our members could participate in the Convention Competition.  In the 2024 EXPO IPAT Museum Convention, IPAT decided to open the Convention Competition to all members by hosting it online.

The following explanation of the judging criteria can help you to design your entries.  Please review the terms below and apply them to your design for the best results. 



  • The principles of art provide fundamental guidelines that artists use to organize and arrange the visual elements in their work. They are concepts such as balance, proportion, emphasis, rhythm, unity, and variety. By applying these principles effectively, participants can create visually appealing and harmonious compositions that captivate the viewer's attention.


  • The elements of art serve as the basic building blocks of any artwork. They include line, shape, form, color, value, texture, and space. By skillfully utilizing these elements, participants can effectively communicate their ideas and concepts through their artwork.



  • Ensure all parts of the artwork belong together and contribute to its overall harmony, no parts awkwardly left out of place.

  • Overall unity can be achieved through the skillful repetition of artistic elements such as color, value, and line.



The elements and principles of art convey mood and emotion, e.g.

  • Jagged, erratic lines convey tension or unease, while smooth, flowing lines evoke a sense of calm or serenity.

  • Angular and sharp shapes create a sense of energy or aggression, while soft and rounded forms evoke feelings of comfort or gentleness.

  • Warm hues like red and orange evoke passion, energy, or warmth, while cool tones like blue and green evoke calmness, tranquility, or sadness. Vibrant and saturated colors convey excitement or intensity, while muted or desaturated colors evoke subtler or melancholic moods.

AWARDS:  determined by score totals

  • GOLD, SILVER, and BRONZE  Digital Award Certificates and Ribbons

  • Opportunity to be featured in IPAT’s publications and media.

CATEGORIES:  No limit on entry

  1. Porcelain Painting (PP) (Artist’s choice on style and theme)

  2. Mixed Media (MM) (hand-built porcelain, pottery, glass, wood, metal, paper, modern style with porcelain as the main component.)  


PRIZE FOR TOP 5 SCORERS: free Virtual Magazine Membership for 2025


REGISTRATION:  July 22 – 28, 2024 - on IPAT Website, pay by PayPal or credit card

                            Sept 9, 2024 – Release results to participants


  • Use solid non-textured plain background

  • NO flash, no frame, with or without glass, no digital date markings

  • Take one picture per side of artwork if it is multi-sided

  • .jpg of the highest quality setting; Resolution 300+ dpi/ppi or higher (A4). Name the .jpg with your name, membership no., category and artwork name e.g.: Judy Smith-11260-PP-Happy Memory



  • Members only; IPAT’s decisions are final.

  • Original artwork only - Paint from your imagination or your camera, NO COPYING.

  • NO class work, NO nudity art and NO decals, purchased understructure or guidelines.

  • Only Mixed Media Category allows glued pieces or attached or unfired materials.

  • All entries must be painted by the artist whose name is entered & completed within the last 2 yrs.

  • Artworks must not have been entered in any other exhibit, contest, publication, website, nor posted on social media.

  • All entries are subject to legal use by IPAT in publications and media.

per entry


judging table.jpg

CONTACT: IPAT Office Manager at  ,  Corinna Siu at, or Your Regional Representatives


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