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Holidaze on Franklin St

To purchase an item:

           1)  Email the office at  Be sure to include your name, address and the number of the item(s)                      you wish to purchase.             

           2)  You will receive an invoice from PayPal by email for the item(s) you selected plus the cost of shipping via USPS                     Priority Shipping, and your item(s) will listed as sold.

           3)  You may pay from the invoice by PayPal or call the office and pay by credit card over the phone.  

           4)  Items not not paid for within 24 hours of being invoiced will be relisted for sale.  

Please keep the following in mind:

            1)  Due to lusters and the flatness of photography some colors may vary in person.  

            2)  Stands are not included.  Ribbons and hooks are only included if the artist included them.

            3)  Our email and invoicing are not automated and will be done during regular office hours.  

            4)  Regular office hours for the holidays are Tuesday-Saturday from 10 am to 3.30 pm CST (-6 UTC).  

            5)  All items are also on sale in the Museum for visitors.  

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