NON-USA 2019

(Ages 20 and Up)

To purchase memberships via phone or fax call or fax the IPAT office with your credit card details at 817-251-1185 or FAX 817-329-3900.

Or, Mail with your $57.00 (US) check or money order to  the IPAT Office address below:   

P.O. Box 1807   

Grapevine, TX  7609

All Non-Usa Countries  '$57.00

1 year membership (includes the next 4 issues of the Porcelain Artist magazine after payment)

2019 New and Renewal Dues = $67 

To receive your magazines via Airmail (which is optional but delivers your magazine faster, be sure to also pay for the airmail charges

NOTICE:  New Bylaws save you money.  No more "late fees" past the December 30 dues date, and no more "new member fees."  Subscriptions are now based on a "yearly basis."  (In other words, you will only pay a one-time payment of $57.00 (US). That yearly fee will pay for 4 of the next issues of the IPAT "Porcelain Artist" magazine after your payment has been received.)

IPAT, Inc.

P.O. Box 1807

Grapevine, Tx 76099