Dear Sudeepta,  

You may join for 2020 IPAT Membership here plus also pay the $20 which is 1/2 price of our costs of mailing the 2019 magazines to India at the address given to us in September when you joined IPAT.  We are only requiring 1/2 of the costs as the real cost is $40+ to resend all 4 magazines.

However, we are giving you a break of paying only 1/2 of the costs (full cost is actually $41) of those.  So, your 2020 membership will cost

$57 dues plus $20 (1/2 cost  for 2019 magazines to be reshipped) = $77.00 total cost.

If you wish instead to only pay for the $41 reshipping fee now.... then here is the paypal for reshipping your four 2019 magazines and your membership card due to an incorrect address given to IPAT.  We really regret this extra charge but as you can tell if the magazines cost $41 to ship that we must do so.  However, the above 1/2 cost with the 2020 dues will save you $21.   So we are trying to help you out in this situation.

IPAT, Inc.

P.O. Box 1807

Grapevine, Tx 76099