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Advanced Master Artist (AMA),
Advanced Master Teacher (AMT),
Portrait Artist (PA) Certifications

How to purchase the

Advanced Master and Portrait Artist Certifications Book Set

Everyone can purchase, members and non-members.

Price : US$25 (add $5 for posting in America and $15 for posting outside America)

Payment method:

  • use PayPal or credit card payment on IPAT’s Website 

  • call IPAT office (817-251-1185) with your credit card details

  • Email your purchase order to IPAT Office with your name, address, membership no. and the payment receipt. 

Book cover Advanced Master and Portrait.jpg

The set of 5 booklets is a comprehensive handbook for teaching and self-learning.  It assists you to thoroughly understand the art of porcelain painting therefore this is a BUY even if you are NOT seeking certification.

AMA and AMT Certification Book Content

  1. Unified Harmony

  2. Shape

  3. Form

  4. Repetition

  5. Dominance

  6. Directional Thrust

  7. Focal Point

  8. Visual Interest & Balance

  9. Textures

  10. Connections

  11. Composition – Value Contrasts

  12. Composition – Color Temperature Contrast

  13. Composition – Intensity Contrasts

  14. Visual Balance of Notan

  15. Designing with a Value Pattern

  16. Exclusion of Unnecessary

  17. Conflict

  18. Tension

  19. Variety of Edges

Portrait Artist Certification Book Content

  1. Preconceived Notions

  2. Measuring

  3. Improving Observation Skills

  4. It’s All in the Details

  5. An Accurate Silhouette

  6. Value Contrasts

  7. Painting Eyes

  8. Eyebrows

  9. Lips

  10. Painting Between The Eyes

  11. Painting Smiles (teeth)

  12. Painting Ears

  13. The Nose 

  14. Hair

  15. Hands

  16. Hats, Scarves, and Patterned Fabric

  17. Fur

  18. Feathers

  19. Painting Jewellery

  20. Ribbons

  21. Sheer Fabrics

  22. Lace

  23. Creativity and Styles of Portraits

Who is eligible to apply for Advanced Master Certifications

Advanced Master Artist and/or Portrait Artist Certifications - applicant must be an IPAT Master Artist.

Advanced Master Teacher Certification - applicant must be an IPAT Master Teacher.

How to Apply

  • Purchase the Certification book.

  • Complete all assignments in PERFECT condition (Zero errors)

  • Email IPAT Office at and Certification Chairman more than 60 days prior to the IPAT Biennial Convention to arrange two international artists to judge the works at the Convention.  

  • Execute payment of US$200 certification fee per certification applied and email receipt to IPAT Office.  

  • Present the Assignments Book to the Certification Chairman at the Convention, or submit to IPAT Office for arrangement if applicant cannot be at the Convention. 

  • There is NO refund on the paid Certification Fee should the judges do not approve the submission.  

  • Upon approval, digital certificate will be emailed to applicant.    

How to use your Certification Status

You must remain a member of IPAT in order to use IPAT's certifications, credentials and privileges.  Failing to renew membership may result in delisting from the Awardees List.

Payment Gateway

Certification Fee $200
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Purchase certification booklet for mailing within USA $30
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Purchase certification booklet for mailing outside USA $40
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