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Master Level - Art Appreciation
Techniques Around the World (MAA) Certification

How to purchase the lesson book

“Porcelain Art - Success To IPAT Art Appreciation: Techniques Around the World”

Everyone can purchase, members and non-members.

Price : US$25 (add $5 for posting in America and $15 for posting outside America)

Payment method:

  • use PayPal or credit card payment on IPAT’s Website 

  • call IPAT office (817-251-1185) with your credit card details

  • Email your purchase order to IPAT Office with your name, address, membership no. and the payment receipt. 

This book helps you to gain a deeper appreciation for varied cultural styles and techniques of art that have been produced over the centuries.  


Part I introduces major traditional arts and techniques closing with a research on artists.  


Part II focuses in the development, styles and techniques in porcelain art in Europe followed by a research on art movements.  


Part III features the American style of porcelain painting including modern designs and techniques.  


The lessons are illustrated by >50 renowned porcelain artists’ artworks.

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Who is eligible to apply for Master Artist Certification

Applicant must be either an IPAT Certified Artist or an IPAT Certified Teacher.

How to Apply

  • Purchase the Certification book.

  • Complete all assignments in Word, PDF or Power Point.

Section I - Traditional Arts and Techniques since 220

  1. China: Birthplace of porcelain

  2. Japan: Traditional porcelain art

  3. Greece: Art through the centuries

  4. Egypt, Turkey, and China: Symbols, cloisonnes, mosaics, and icons

  5. India: Pietra Dura art

  6. Australia: Aboriginal art

  7. Research on Artist

Section II - European Style since 1710

  1. Germany: Meissen style

  2. Germany: Dresden, KPM, Nymphenburg, Wallendorfer, & Hutschenreuther styles

  3. Switzerland, France, and Hungary: Nyon, Serves, and Herend styles

  4. Other developments 

  5. Art movements

Section III - American Style since 1900

  1. American style

  2. Modern designs and techniques I

  3. Modern designs and techniques II

  • Complete, sign and scan the Application Form at the back, write your name in the format that you wish to appear in the certificate. 

  • Email the form and assignments to Certification Chairman or IPAT office at for screening.

  • Upon approval, applicant will be informed to pay the US$50 Certification Fee to IPAT Office 

  • Certification status is valid only to current members.  Ensure you have paid membership fee for the current year and the following year.  If not, pay the balance together with the Certification fee. 

  • Execute payment and email payment receipt to IPAT Office.

  • Upon receipt of funds, digital certificate will be emailed to applicant.

How to use your Certification Status

You must remain a member of IPAT in order to use IPAT's certifications, credentials and privileges.  Failing to renew membership may result in delisting from the Awardees List.

Payment Gateway

Certification Fee $50
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Purchase certification booklet for mailing within USA $30
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Purchase certification booklet for mailing outside USA $40
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