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Upcoming Zoom Lessons

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IPAT Zooming is EASY!!!

Instructions for FREE IPAT Zoom Demos:

  1. Make sure you have Zoom available on your computer or device. If it is not, go to and download the FREE Zoom application.

  2. Email your IPAT Member # to and register for the LIVE Zoom Demo. IPAT will send you a link, password, and instructions to log onto the LIVE Zoom Demo at the correct date and time.


Additional Information:​

  • If you use a laptop, iPad, or smartphone, you can use the device's camera and microphone to ask questions.

  • If you use a desktop computer, you must connect a camera and microphone to be seen and heard.

  • If you do not want to be seen or heard, turn off the microphone and camera. 

Zoom Lessons

Click the button below to view the video lesson. 
Click the pdf icon to download the lesson & print out.
It's fun to ZOOM!
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