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Certified Artist (CA) Certification

Who is eligible to apply

Members who have painted on porcelain and actively exhibited their porcelain artworks for two years (24 months) or more.  You can start IPAT Certification System with this Certification. 

How to Apply

  • Download Application Form 

  • Complete and sign the relevant form.

  • Compile the required Submission Documents in Word, PDF or Power Point.  Type your name, Membership No., and Certification to apply at the top of the first page then follow the requirements in the form.  Start a new page for each topic.  Use digital photos.

  • Find one IPAT member to sign the form with their membership no.  Make sure he/she is a current member ie he/she has renewed membership.

  • Email the form and Submission Documents to Certification Chairman at or IPAT Office at to arrange screening.  

  • Upon approval, applicant will be informed to pay the US$50 Certification Fee to IPAT Office. 

  • Certification status is valid only to current members.  Ensure you have paid membership fee for the current year and the following year.  If not, pay the balance together with the Certification fee. 

  • Execute payment and email receipt to IPAT Office. 

  • Upon receipt of funds, digital certificate will be emailed to applicant.   

How to pay Certification Fee - US$50 for each application

-  use PayPal on IPAT’s Website 

-  call IPAT office (817-251-1185 or Fax 817-329-3900) with your credit card details

How to use your Certification Status

You must remain a member of IPAT in order to use IPAT's certifications, credentials and privileges.  Failing to renew membership may result in delisting from the Awardees List.

Payment Gateway

Certification Fee $50
PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

Certified Artist Certification Form in PDF available for download

If you do not know how to prepare submission document, please follow this sample.

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